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Auto Insurance for Classic, Exotic and Specialty Cars

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

A lot of people would normally think that buying car insurance for a classic, exotic or specialty car is going to cost a lot of money. To be honest, I thought the same way before as well, until I did some research and talked to a bunch of people who own these types of cars. You would be surprised to hear that in some cases its actually cheaper then insuring a normal car!

Here’s how and why…. If you were to call up your normal insurance company and try to insurance your high dollar car, no doubt your rates would probably sky rocket, but because this is a special car, it needs “special” insurance. There are actually many companies out there that specifically cater to these high-end cars. These companies know that you are not going to be driving the car everyday and chances are you are going to be using the car as a weekend car and by using the car as a weekend car you are driving it a lot less then you would in a normal car. Less driving equals lesser chance in getting in an accident. A lot of the times owners of these special cars will pay just as much as they would for their Mercedes or BMW as their Ferrari or Lamborghini.