Auto Warranty

These days most new cars come with a 36,000 mile to 50,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty. These warranties cover anything from engine all the way to electrical problems. It gives new car buys a piece of mind that they’ll be free of costly repairs for a few years. But what happens when the warranty runs out? Drivetrain repairs and electrical repairs can be super expensive! Do you really want to drive a car that in a way is not “insured?”

This is what aftermarket warranty is, additional insurance for your car. Depending on your car you can buy another 5 years or 50k miles of additional warranty for your car. This insures you that for another 5 years or 50k miles, your cover will be worry free. Best of all with aftermarket warranties, most of the time they allow you to go anywhere that is State Certified for repairs. With a new car warranty you are only able to do so at the dealer.

Aftermarket warranties are a great investment because chances are if something major goes wrong, it will cost more then the warranty to get your car repaired, so don’t make that mistake of not getting one! Check out some FREE Warranty Quotes and see how¬†affordable¬†it really is!

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