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Written by admin on April 1st, 2010

Welcome to Cheap Auto Insurance News. Here at Cheap Auto Insurance News, we specialize in helping you find the cheapest, and most affordable auto insurance online. At the same time we make sure each and every company featured on this website is 100% reputable as well. We also deliver you the latest cheap auto insurance news for example. letting you know if there are any incentives auto insurance companies are now offering, the best and most affordable policy for a teen driver, or what additional things you can do to save money etc .


Porsche Car Insurance

Written by admin on April 21st, 2010

I am not sure what people classify Porsche under. Its obviously a sports car, but is it an exotic car? The Carrera GT is an exotic car, but what about the 911 Turbo, GT2 or GT3? Are they exotic enough to need exotic car insurance? Well that depends how much you are driving the car. If you plan on driving it daily to work, then you won’t be able to qualify, however if its your weekend car or show car you can probably get exotic auto insurance from a specialty company. Check out Auto Quotes USA. Their qualify sales agents will be able to assist you which ever direction you are trying to take.


NY Auto Insurance

Written by admin on April 16th, 2010

Driving in New York City can be very difficult. Many residents usually walk, bike, take the train or taxi to work. Owning a car in New York City is not necessary for most people because of the heavy traffic. It’s also very expensive to park as space is limited. I’ve heard of people paying over $1000 a month just to park! That’s probably more then their car payment!

If you do own a car, it’s important that you have auto insurance, especially in New York. The streets are so crowded and people drive very aggressively. There’s a high chance you might get in an accident if you are not careful. Having auto insurance will protect you and your car. If you are looking for cheap auto insurance in New York, please click on the banner below to get your low auto insurance rates.


Cheap Arizona Auto Insurance

Written by admin on April 16th, 2010

If you live in the State of Arizona and you are looking to get cheap Arizona Auto Insurance, then you should check out their website for some FAQ’s

Its a list of requirements, do’s and don’t’s to get cheap auto insurance in Arizona.


Get a Cheap Auto Insurance Rate Today!

Written by admin on April 16th, 2010

With the economy still low, and money being tight with a lot of people. I can’t stress this enough that getting a cheap auto insurance rate is fairly plain and simple. It will help you save hundreds of dollars a year without doing anything! For cheap auto insurance rates, please visit our sponsors on the right.


How to Avoid a Speeding Ticket

Written by admin on April 11th, 2010

So I thought I’d make a post on how are some ways you can avoid a speeding ticket. We all know speeding tickets are a real pain and one wants to get them. From the hefty fines, to court appearances and to an auto insurance increase, learning how to avoid a speeding ticket on the road will save you a lot of time and money!

Here are some ways to stay under the cop’s radar:

Drive within 5mph-10mph within the flow of traffic. Cops are usually looking for drivers going faster then the flow of traffic. If you drive significantly faster then the flow of traffic, you will stand out.

Try staying in the middle of the pack. If you are in the front and run past cops, you’ll generally be the one that gets pulled over, if you are in the back, the cop will just pull up behind you as well. It’s safer to stay in the middle of the pack!

Find a car going the speed you like. If there isn’t that many cars on the road, find a car that is going the speed you like and following them 50-100 yards behind. They will be your shield in case a cop is hiding up ahead. When they hit their brakes to slow down, that’ll be your warning to slow down as well.

Do not weave in and out of traffic. Weaving in and out traffic is not only very dangerous to yourself and other drivers, but it makes you stand out like a sore thumb. Other drivers on the road will be angered by your driving and will most likely call the cops and report your vehicle in.

Avoid the Fast or Left Lane. Use the far left lane to pass when necessary, but try to stay in the middle lanes when possible. Reason? If a cop is lurking in a cutout along the median strip (or coming at you from the opposite direction on a divided highway) the speeder in the far left lane is the one most likely to become the target. Drivers who get nailed with speeding tickets are often the type who rack it up to 10 or 15 over the limit and remain in the far left lane.

Be aware of your surroundings! On many highways, there are cutouts in the median strip every couple of miles. Usually, you can see these in plenty of time to slow down a little bit in case there’s a cop lurking behind the bushes ready to give you a speeding ticket.

Do not speed if you are the only car on the road! This is very important if you want to avoid a speeding ticket. Most of the time people think it’s ok to go a little faster because there is no one on the road, but the truth is, speeding alone is the equivalent of putting a big banner on your car that says “Ticket Me.” When there is no one else on the road, the cop has nothing else to pay attention to, except for you.

Get a Radar Detector if your State allows it. Read your state rules and make sure it’s legal to have a radar detector before you buy one. A radar detector may cost a few hundred dollars, but if you think about it, just getting one ticket will cost you more. From paying the ticket to having your insurance increase. Having a radar detector can help you reduce your chances of getting a speeding ticket. Keep in mind, just because you have a radar detector doesn’t mean you can go out and speed all you want. A radar detector only works when the cop’s radar is turned on. Sometime cops will use laser or visual and if you speed by them going faster then the speed of traffic, they will still ticket you.

A good radar I recommend is the Valentine 1. It’s been out for a while and this is the only radar I use and trust. Do a google search and you’ll find out how many driver’s prefer the Valentine 1 over any other brand.

Don’t Drive a Flashy Car. Lastly, I am sure everyone already knows this, but if you are in a flashy car and you are speeding, you are going to get ticketed. As unfair as it is, it’s human nature to notice things that stand out in the crowd. Driving a more discreet car such a mini-van or family sedan will help you blend in and avoid tickets more then driving a yellow Corvette.

Hopefully you enjoyed reading this post and you can use this knowledge to help you prevent speeding tickets out on the road. Remember that speeding tickets will raise your auto insurance rates and by having too many of them, you can risk losing your drivers license or risk getting denied auto insurance coverage.


Lamborghini Auto Insurance

Written by admin on April 11th, 2010

Here is a thread on I found on Lamborghini-Talk Forums about car insurance for a Lamborghini Gallardo. It’s funny how people were quoted from $44,000 a YEAR to just $1,000 a year. For an exotic car such as a Lamborghini, you need to have special car insurance or you’ll be paying crazy amount! Here is the thread.


Best Car for Teens

Written by admin on April 9th, 2010

This question is often asked from one parent to another. “What is the best car I can get for my teenager?”

Parents and teenagers have completely different objectives when choosing a car. Generally a male teenager will want a car that looks good, fast, has room for friends, and girls will opt for a “cute” car instead of caring for speed. The first thing the parent will consider is the car’s safety, then cost and then reliability. Parents will want to buy something that is safe, cheap and fairly reliable with low maintenance costs and cheap auto insurance.

Here are some popular cars for teenagers:

Honda Civic – This is the most popular car among teens — and parents. This car has almost all of the qualities desired by both teens and parents: economy, style, safety, reliability, performance, low insurance rates, good size for passengers, and driving comfort. There are tons of accessories, custom appearance products, and performance options for the Honda Civic. Base price for a new Civic is about $14,500. The new re-styled model has won Motor Trend magazine’s “Car of the Year” award and is a Consumer Reports Magazine Top Pick award. Honda also produces a fuel-efficient hybrid version of this vehicle, at a slightly higher cost. Used models of the Honda Civic are readily available, reliable, and hold their value very well. For a car with similar qualities, but larger with more interior room, consider the Honda Accord

Scion – Toyota has created a line of popular vehicles that specifically targets young drivers. The Scion is full of standard features, and optional features, that appeal to teens, is relatively inexpensive, and has a good-performing and fuel-efficient engine. It also has some great safety options such as side air bags. Although not outstanding performers, and ride comfort is lacking, these are typical Toyota high-quality vehicles at base prices that start at about $15,570 for the xB, $14,650 for the xD, and $16,000 for the tC. The economical xA model is no longer made, but is available as a used car.

Honda Fit – This small 4-door hatchback is a winning combination of Honda reliability, comfort, interior space, features, and safety equipment — and a whopping 34 miles per gallon of gas on the highway. It’s a fun car that also will haul a teenager’s stuff — and lots of it. It is also safe and relatively cheap to insure and maintain.

Toyota Corolla – This Toyota vehicle shares many of the characteristics of the Honda Civic and is a favorite among teenagers as both a new and used vehicle. It’s reliable, with good performance, has plenty of room inside, and there are many options from after-market companies for styling and performance improvements. Buyers of this vehicle, and others in our list, should consider getting the stability control option when available. It’s one of the most effective safety features being offered on cars today. The Corolla is priced at about $13,700 for base models. If the Corolla is not quite large enough, look at the Toyota Camry, one the best-selling cars in America for the last few years.

Nissan Sentra -This is a sensible car for teens, having many of the attributes of the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla, but a little less style. It’s comfortable, but with a harsh ride and little room in the rear seat. However, it gets good gas mileage, is reliable, enjoys relatively low insurance rates, and is priced at about $12,700. Used models can be found at good prices.

Mitsubishi Lancer – This is a very popular vehicle with teens, especially the turbo-charged Evolution, although it might not be the first choice of parents. It’s stylish and looks cool, besides being a super performer. There are lots of add-ons and custom equipment for this vehicle. It even has it’s own magazine aimed at young drivers of this vehicle. Watch out for reliability problems and higher insurance costs. The Lancer starts at about $14,300 for the basic model.

Ford Focus – This is a fun and sporty car that teenagers like. It has a firm but comfortable ride and a number of engine options. Interior material quality appears cheap but functional. There are no less than 12 different variations of this model that should allow almost any teen to be satisfied. Prices start at about $13,300 for base models. Ford’s reliability has improved dramatically in the last few years. You can’t go wrong with this nice little car.

Mazda3 – This vehicle is an excellent small car with good interior space, good performance, and good quality. It comes in both a hatchback and sedan and starts at about $13,700. New models are very stylish and youth-oriented. Prices for used Mazdas are very reasonable.

If cost is not a big factor, here are some nicer and safer cars for a teenager.

BMW 3-Series – This is one of the most popular of all sporty luxury cars, for a good reason. It’s fun to drive, is a great performer, and fuel economy is good — and it looks good, as a “bimmer” should. It’s available as a coupe, sedan, or a convertible. Used models are available for good prices.

Mercedes C-Class – This is a popular small sports sedan with young people who like a car that’s fun to drive and exudes luxury and class. It’s comfortable, roomy, and handles well on the street or highway. It also enjoys a good safety rating and is relatively economical to own.

Acura TL – This car is consistently rated very high as having the best blend of all characteristics that one would want in a car. It mixes luxury features with comfort, performance, handling, and sportiness. It’s one of the most reliable models on the road.

Audi A4 – This vehicle is available as a sedan and convertible. It is luxurious and stylish with excellent driving characteristics. A wide range of features, options, and transmission choices are available. Crash-test results are impressive. Reliability is average.

Lexus IS – It’s a Lexus with all the quality and luxury that Lexus offers, but it’s not the Lexus that grandfather drives. It is a small safe sports sedan that has the performance, looks, and comfort that young people enjoy. A high-performance V8 version is available but watch out for high insurance rates.


Tips on Keeping Teenagers Safe Behind the Wheel

Written by admin on April 9th, 2010

Car crashes are the nation’s #1 killer for teenagers. Every year, nearly 5,000 teenagers are killed in car crashes and nearly 375,000 injured. Making sure your teenager is safe behind the wheel should be your number 1 priority.

Here are some help tips to keep your teenager safe:

• Discuss when, where, how, and with whom your teen is allowed to drive.
• Limit the number of passengers in the car. Laughter, music, and cell phones can create serious distractions which increase with every additional passenger.
• Establish and enforce a curfew.
• Insist that your driver (and all passengers) wear seat belts at all times. They may not be cool, but seatbelts save lives. (And, in some states, it’s the law.)
• Create a no-cell zone. Talking on the phone is a dangerous distraction on the road for drivers of any age. Know the applicable laws in your county or state,        as these are changing rapidly and fines can be significant.
• Consider limiting or supervising your teen’s driving privileges during accident high-risk times (such as Friday and Saturday nights).
• Set driving-area limits. If your teen wants to travel outside your town or city, require that he or she request your special permission.
• Prohibit driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Prohibit riding as a passenger with a driver who’s unfit to drive. Encourage your teen to call for a          ride home if needed.

Remember always to have property auto insurance. For more information on how to obtain cheap auto insurance for teenagers, please to the “Cheap Teen Auto Insurance” section of this site.


Poor or Bad Credit Means Higher Auto Insurance Rates

Written by admin on April 8th, 2010

When trying to get cheap auto insurance, you need to have excellent to good credit for you to be eligible for the lowest possible rates. Having poor or bad credit often times affect your auto insurance premiums.

Here is why auto insurance companies like people who have good credit. Studies have shown that if you’re conservative with your finances, you manage your finances and credit well, typically, you’re also going to be an individual who is less likely to be involved in an accident.  You’re going to be someone who is more likely to obey speed limits. You’re going to be someone who is less likely to drive impaired. You’re going to be less likely to be someone who fails to perform maintenance on your car.

Auto Insurance companies believe that people with bad credit generally make more claims then people with good credit.

Always be sure your credit report is accurate before you get an insurance quote.


How to Prevent Getting a DUI

Written by admin on April 8th, 2010

Thought I would just help out by posting this article on here on how to prevent getting a DUI. A DUI is definitely something you don’t want on your record, if you are trying to get cheap auto insurance.

The easiest and most obvious way to avoid getting a DUI is to not drink and drive. A designated driver is another great option. Before you or your friends get drunk, choose a designated driver and an agreed time to leave so that no one is left to get home on their own. Within your group of friends, take turns volunteering to be the designated driver.
If you have any alcohol to drink, know that your reaction time is slowed and that you are putting yourself and others at risk if you then get behind the wheel of a car. If you have any doubt about your capacity to drive, a taxi assures you of reaching your destination safely.

If you are the host or hostess of a party, it is a good idea to have everyone turn over their keys before the drinking begins to a responsible person who intends to remain sober throughout the party. That person can hand back keys to drivers who have clearly not been drinking. This reduces the chance that the person holding the party will be charged with serving alcohol to an intoxicated person.

If a person wants their keys returned and is too intoxicated too drive, you can let them think they have lost their keys and offer to get them a cab to their home or find a sober driver to take them home.

Never get into a car with a person who has been drinking. Call a cab, call a friend or family member, or stay where you are.

If you are driving and see an erratic driver, call 911 and give the location of the driver. You are not only saving the driver from a possible accident, you may be saving the life of the person that driver hits.

Know that getting a DUI can greatly affect your life. There is a possibly you could go to jail, lose your license and not being able to get auto insurance. Be smart and most importantly be safe!